Financial lease

Financial lease is a modern method of realizing your business activities. The advantages of financial lease are simplicity and speed with which the contract is prepared as well as tax saving due to faster bus depreciation. Compulsory Road Traffic Act Insurance is included, as well as collision insurance. We have contracts with several well-establish insurance companies with roadside assistance services all over Europe.

The length of the lease and the height of the first instalment depend on the specific lease case. The average length of the lease is between 3 and 6 years.

Individual repayment program allows individual setting of an instalment plan based on the client’s requirements, which will be tailored to his/her payment possibilities, e.g. in the case of uneven income levels during the year or depending on the client’s cash-flow. Irregular instalments: the client pays only during the months in which he/she has an income.

A shortened repayment program enables the leaser to opt for paying most of the hire costs in monthly or quarterly instalments within a shorter period of time than the minimal length of the lease contract is; based on a legal modification concerning the leased subject in the particular depreciation group. Comment: the contract is valid for at least 3 years, but you pay for less than 36 months (e.g. for 2 years – only insurance is paid in the last year).

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Reverse Leasing

If you own a bus or run a bus which is at the end of a financial lease program and need financial means for paying your operating costs or for a purchase of another bus (or for paying the initial instalment for one),  we can offer you reverse leasing. We will purchase your bus for a contracted price and lease it to you via a type of financial lease. You will receive the money for your bus immediately after signing the contract. It is a modern method of securing your financial means that enables further growth of your company.


We can also arrange a loan for both physical and legal persons. You can choose the deposit amount and the length of the repayment yourselves and immediately become the owner of the vehicle at the same time. This is an ideal option especially when you’re thinking of purchasing a vehicle using a grant system in which the financial support is tied to owning an object. A loan also allows you to optimize your tax costs, especially when you purchase a vehicle at the end of the accounting year, as well as one-off VAT deduction from the purchase price at the beginning of your repayment.

Hire purchase

Hire purchase is another available financing method. We can offer you a hire purchase for a period of up to 5 years.  One of the advantages of this method is the immediate return of VAT and the possibility to include up to 25% of the original price in the operating costs in the first year.